【I.F.U フィリピンオフィス開設のお知らせ】

フィリピンの中で 3番目に大きな都市であるミンダナオ島のダバオ市に、新しくオフィスを開設しました!

Hello everyone, my name is Shiene and I graduated university with a degree in education. I am a member of the administration staff at the IFU Philippine Office and I have been working here since last August.

The IFU Philippine Office was opened in Davao City, Mindanao, which is the third largest city in the country. It is located on the southernmost island of the Philippines; a tropical area which sits on the equator. The city remains hot throughout the year, so what is known as summer clothes elsewhere is just normal clothes for us here. Even though it’s called summer, it can be cool at times.



If you enter Bajada, at the centre of Davao City, you will see a building called Camella Northpoint – this is where our Philippines Office is located. The building block and our office itself has security personnel on watch around-the-clock, in addition to a significant security team at the entrance gate, so you can always feel well-protected and have peace of mind when coming to see us.


There is a one-hour time difference between Japan and the Philippines, with Japan being one hour ahead of the Philippines.


Davao City is also known as “The King of Fruits” because we grow a lot of tropical fruit in this area such as our most famous fruit, the durian, with its unique aroma and taste. Visiting our local open air market called ‘Bankerohan’ is like visiting a fruit wonderland – there are extensive varieties of tropical fruit for as far as the eye can see, forming an endless rainbows of fruits consisting of mangos, bananas, dragon fruits, melons, citrus fruits and many more, all of which are incredibly fresh and delicious.



There are a lot of tourist attractions around the city, one of the most famous being Samal Island (officially the Island Garden City of Samal) which is a must-visit for its picture perfect beaches and paradise-like resorts.


With its crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and lush greenery, Samal is the ideal location to unwind and take in the natural beauty of the Philippines.

Within the seas off the shore of Samal, you can partake in a variety of water activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling and much more. Although Samal is breath-taking to view from the land, seeing your surroundings once under the water would make you think you’ve been transported to Atlantis, with its vibrant sea life and gorgeous reef!



The people of Davao are incredibly warm and welcoming, much like our warm and welcoming climate. Many people are incredibly friendly and will often greet you with a kind, glowing smile, saying “Good morning, Ma’am” or “Good morning, Sir” as a sign of respect (or “Maayong buntag Ma’am or Sir” in Bisaya, the local language).

ダバオ市の住民たちは、ダバオ市の気候に似て、とても温かくて親切です。他人同士でも、町で誰かに会う度に、笑顔で挨拶をしているのをよく見かけます。例えば午前中に外出すると、現地の人々に「おはようございます、旦那様・奥様」(現地語のビサヤ語では「Maayong buntag Ma’am or Sir」)と、敬意を含めて温かく挨拶されるでしょう。

You can rest at ease in Davao City as it is the number one, safest city in all of the Philippines.


Public transportation options in Davao include taxis, jeepneys, trisikads, and tricycles. Jeepneys are the most well-known, however, as they are considerably cheaper than taxis but still very convenient. For the first four kilometres within the city centre, a jeepney ride costs on average between twelve and fifteen pesos.



One of the most impressive Christmas experiences can be found in Davao City. Our Christmas starts in September, and from the very beginning, Filipinos are very proactive in their Christmas celebrations, putting up Christmas decorations in most areas, including large shopping malls. Davao City offers several large shopping malls which include Abreeza, SM Lanang, Gmall, and many more. We start decorating for Christmas much earlier than in other countries, and one of the most impressive Christmas decorations can be found at Abreeza mall, where there are Christmas lights aplenty that keep you mesmerised well into the night.

Since the majority of people in the Philippines are Christian, we like to put a lot of effort into decorating each of our homes for Christmas too. Christmas is a very special day for us – celebrating it is a strong part of our national culture and traditions. In Davao, numerous night markets open once Christmas starts to approach, where you can try a variety of Filipino foods which are not only reasonably priced, but also, of course, incredibly delicious.


ダバオ市には多数の大きなショッピングモールがあり(Abreeza、SM Lanang、Gmall、等々)、その中でもAbreezaショッピングモールの飾りが最も有名で、その贅沢なクリスマスライトにうっとりとさせられます。


My personal mission as one of the members of the office staff here, is that I want to use my knowledge and experience to provide all students with as much support and guidance from here, in Davao City, as I can.

Thank you very much. I look forward to assisting you.